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CW4k Water Now Available in Aluminum Bottles!


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CannedWater4kids Water at the Ritz Carlton Hotel

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Donate $20 And Receive This Awesome Water Bottle


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Thirst Energy


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PHA Welcomes Six New Drink Up Supporters

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Vivreau, NY2O, Local Water, Crystal Clear Water, CannedWater4Kids and AAGWATT Join Partnership for a Healthier America in Support of Drink Up Effort

Since First Lady Michelle Obama’s announcement in Watertown, Wis., six new water companies have pledged to promote efforts and encourage people to make the simple choice to drink more water

Washington, DC (Jan. 16, 2014) – The Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA), which works with the private sector and PHA Honorary Chair First Lady Michelle Obama to solve the nation’s childhood obesity crisis, today announced that six additional water companies have joined its Drink Up initiative, which encourages people to drink more water more often. Vivreau, NY2O, Local Water, Crystal Clear Water, CannedWater4Kids and AAGWATT have signed on to support the effort, which also includes PHA, Let’s Move!, and private sector supporters across the water community. “We welcome these six companies – which span the tap, bottled and reusable bottle industries – to the Drink Up collaboration,” said PHA CEO Lawrence A. Soler. “This effort is all about getting the word out and encouraging more Americans to drink more water. We’re delighted that these companies have joined our effort and look forward to their work to help spread this important message.” Vivreau, a global leader in providing on-site water bottling systems, will redesign its standard re-usable glass water bottles to feature the Drink Up logo. Vivreau expects to add approximately 75,000 of these re-usable bottles into circulation in locations ranging from top hotels and restaurants to corporate offices and Fortune 500 boardrooms from coast to coast. A portion of the proceeds from its efforts will be donated to PHA for the Drink Up initiative. In addition to the product sponsorship, Vivreau will promote the effort through its website, marketing materials, speaking engagements and social media endeavors. New York-based bottled water brand NY2O will incorporate Drink Up messaging into its retail point of sale materials, which it will circulate to the more than 1,500 retailers it works with. In addition, it will spread the word about the Drink Up initiative at all NY2O-specific events held in 5 select regional markets. Local Water, operator of a unique network of digitally-engaging water filling stations, will air 15-second PSAs highlighting the Drink Up initiative during its video loop on all current and future filling stations. Each month these PSAs will air more than 345,000 times. Iowa-based bottled water company Crystal Clear Water plans to feature the initiative on its truck backs and through radio ads where it will be a constant reminder for the 550,000 citizens of the Greater Des Moines area population to Drink Up. CannedWater4Kids, a 501(c)(3) charity focused on making sure all children have access to clean, safe water, will integrate the Drink Up logo on 300,000 of its cans. The group uses 95 cents from every dollar collected to help fund and deliver clean water initiatives worldwide. Chicago-based bottled water company AAGWATT also has joined this effort, agreeing to highlight the Drink Up initiative on its website, educating its followers about the effort to encourage people to drink more water. The company also plans to incorporate a QR code linking to on approximately 50,000 of its bottles. All six companies have also committed to promote the initiative digitally via their online platforms. For more information on the effort, visit About the Partnership for a Healthier America The Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) is devoted to working with the private sector to ensure the health of our nation’s youth by solving the childhood obesity crisis. In 2010, PHA was created in conjunction with – but independent from – First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! effort. PHA is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that is led by some of the nation’s most respected health and childhood obesity experts. PHA brings together public, private and nonprofit leaders to broker meaningful commitments and develop strategies to end childhood obesity. Most important, PHA ensures that commitments made are commitments kept by working with unbiased third parties to monitor and publicly report on the progress our partners are making. For more information about PHA, please visit and follow PHA on Twitter @PHAnews.

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Maseysini Borehole Project – Swaziland

By chief – Posted on 25 April 2013

Maseysini  Borehole Project - SwazilandFrom:

Ndima Homestead, Maseysini Community, Shiselweni Region, Swaziland

Community Description
Maseysini is located on the main road between Mahamba and Nhlangano. The area of the community this project will affect is a close-knit section on top of a hill.

The nearest water source for this area of the community is in the garden, fifteen to twenty minutes away. The water source is small hole made dirty by cows, and people frequently get sick from the water. The homesteads in the area collect water daily, but rarely garden or keep animals because of the labor required to obtain water for these projects.

Project Description
This project is to drill a borehole in Maseysini.

The project will be implemented under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Lauren Cuddy Egbert.

Maseysini  Borehole Project - SwazilandThe work will be done by the most reliable drilling company in Swaziland, Manzi Drilling.

The borehole will be placed on the homestead of the Ndima family, headed by Make Angelina Ndima who is a primary school teacher and a resource for many families in the community. (It is not possible to put the borehole on communal land because the costs of electricity and maintenance cannot be undertaken by the community at large.)

The Ndima family will run the borehole on their electricity and charge each homestead 15 emalangeni a month (about 1.50 USD) to access the tap. This small fee will cover the electricity costs of running the borehole. Because this water source will be privately run, the family will be able to set aside money for electricity and maintenance.

Project Impact
The borehole will be used by at least ten homesteads, and will benefit upwards of seventy people.

This is an important project for the community. It utilizes the appropriate technology under the circumstances, and provides a solution for sustainability within the means of the participating families.

The major portion of the funding for this project has come from a $500 contribution from CannedWater4Kids, Sussex, WI, USA.

We are still seeking donations for the remainder. To contribute for the project, please click on the Donate button below.

Any contributions in excess of the Dollar Amount of Project will be allocated to other projects in Swaziland.

Maseysini  Borehole Project - Swaziland    Maseysini  Borehole Project - Swaziland


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10th December, 2013CW4K3

Dear Greg,

Thank you for being a blessing to the need!

The Lusaka well was finally done on 8th December 2013 and the people of Msisi compound which has an estimated total population of 400,000 (four hundred thousand) people can have access to clean water as the 2nd UN World Water Development Report have said and I quote; “World Water Day 2007 will be guided by the theme ‘Coping with Water Scarcity’ under the leadership of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.”

CW4K1As a result, adds the World Health Organization, a child dies every eight seconds from drinking dirty water. It is estimated that 5,000 children die every day as a result of drinking unsafe water. And, every 21 seconds a child perishes from waterborne diseases such as typhoid, cholera, and dysentery. A UNICEF Report found that about six million people are blind today from Trachoma, an eye infection spread mainly through poor hygiene caused by lack of adequate water supplies and unsafe environmental sanitation conditions.

CW4K5The UN warns that unless action is stepped up, the number of people without access to safe water will increase to 2.3 billion by 2025, with the number of those who die from unsafe water expected to jump sharply as well.

Ensuring access to safe, clean water worldwide is critical. Not only is it essential for successful agriculture, food and energy production, It is a children’s issue because water is vital for healthy development and survival”. These populations will depend on this well!Thank you for partnering with you (CannedWater4kids).

The digging of the well costs:

  1. Sitting and drilling one borehole $5,028.00

  2. Diameter steel casing and yield estimates $1,565.00

  3. Borehole equipping includes supply and installation of hand pump $2,700.00

  4. Transportation to Lusaka $510.92

  5. Sending of the money by Vicki through money gram $196.08.

This is how the $10,000 US dollars sent to us was utilized.

Find attached the pictures of children and adults drawing water from the well.CW4K2

May the good Lord richly bless you for being a channel of blessings to these needy people.

Yours sincerely in the Lord,




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Water Charity Typhoon Haiyan Relief – Philippines

Water Charity Typhoon Haiyan Relief – Philippines

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By chief – Posted on 11 November 2013

Water Charity Typhoon Haiyan Relief - PhilippinesWithin days after the devastating typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, and while it was still ravaging Vietnam, Water Charity began this effort to get water filters to the victims. With over 800,000 evacuees still housed in makeshift housing, churches and community centers, and well before any refugee camps had been constructed, Water Charity was already organizing the delivery of life-saving carbon nanotube filters.

Our first shipment of filters was paid for out of our own pockets, and is being flown to the Philippines personally by one of our colleagues to expedite distribution.

Far and away the best and most cost-efficient filter technology, these lightweight, durable and highly effective filters are engineered to less than a micron, and thus prevent all known pathogens, bacteria, cysts, protozoa, and even the smallest virus from passing through.

We started using this technology under our Filters for Life Program, so when the extent of the devastation became apparent, we were ready to step up and help with the relief effort.

The Sawyer filters are a practical, immediate, and long-term solution to the need for safe drinking water. They can last for over 10 years of heavy use, are washable, and are extremely versatile.

With filters ranging from $15 to $80 depending on usage, source water, and volume needed, there is no reason not to ensure that every single victim of this catastrophe can’t at least have the best quality water possible.

The need for water is acute, and will be for quite some time. Long after this event has passed from the news, there will still be people without villages to return to, and helping them with this most basic of necessities is the most efficacious way to contribute to their health and wellbeing.

Please give generously to this ongoing program. We will accept what you can afford, but we will give special recognition for donations of $100 or more.

Esteemed Donors

CannedWater4Kids, Sussex, WI, USA – $500

Carol Host, Glendale, CA, USA – $100

Elena Kramer, Raleigh, NC, USA – $100

Diane Ray, Chattanooga, TN, USA – $100

Robert & Sandy Barrett, Calimesa, CA, USA – $100

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End Water Poverty

An infographic from Arianna B. and our friends at



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Greater New Birth Church

Community event this past weekend at Greater New Birth Church. CannedWater4Kids was able to set up a table and spread the word about clean drinking water


.photo (3)


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