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Brompton School Supporting CannedWater4kids

Thanks to Kenosha News for mentioning the great work Brompton School is doing to support CannedWater4kids. Click the link below to read the details.



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CannedWater4kids Hits Hollywood

Canned Water 4 Kids received great exposure in the romantic comedy It Happened One Valentine’s, released today! The film stars Haley Webb (Teen Wolf, The Final Destination) and Big Time Rush’s James Maslow. In the scene, Canned Water 4 Kids was offered as a beverage during a charity concert.


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‘Christmas is About Giving’

Good afternoon!

I am overjoyed to share with you my students’ experiences in our classroom today. I started with showing a video you have on your website that gives an overview of what you do and why. After watching (which I personally have done 3 or 4 times and it always brings a smile to my face), I asked the students what they thought and why I showed it to them. Their answers included sympathy for the children who didn’t have clean water, and amazement that 95% of the money made off that cans is given back to help water programs.

For a Christmas gift, I gave each of them a can of water and a pencil. I honestly thought they’d be more excited about the pencil because they are always losing them, but they were so excited to get a can of water “from the video!” We immediately got out our laptops and starting researching more about your company on the website. They wrote facts and opinions (a unit we’re studying in reading) based on what they found and their happiness was contagious. Other teachers and students stopped in the classroom and immediately my students were sharing what they learned and why their Christmas gift was a simple can of water.

Finally, before leaving today, I reminded them that Christmas is about giving, not getting, and they are so fortunate to have clean water daily and a warm, loving home. I gave each of them one more can of water, not for themselves, but to give to another and share the joy and good your company brings to the world.

I have attached pictures, as requested, of the students receiving the water. I am hoping to mail some of the students letters once they are finished writing them. Thank you for all you do and for all your company has given. It is truly heart-warming to see the difference you make in the world, with such a simple yet innovative idea.


Sami Conway

6th Grade – LeCenter Elem/Sec

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Bringing Safe Drinking Water To Kenya

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Dear Greg,


I wanted to take some time to thank you and Canned Water 4 Kids for your generous financial support of the Point of Grace project in Kenya, Africa.  We have successfully shipped two kiosk and a core water treatment module thanks to your efforts. Stonehouse is so pleased to be part of this very large endeavor to supply fresh healthy water to the 600 students and staff at the school.  This project is the start for providing drinking water to millions of people around the lake (Victoria), and we see where this can be the road map of how it is done.


As you know, the school has a well but the well runs dry during the non-rainy season which brings much stress to the school and surrounding community.  The school is located very close to the edge of Lake Victoria, which is the third largest lake in surface area in the world.  The lake is polluted with many pathogens including Cholera, Typhoid and E. coli.  Who knows what viruses are also lurking in the lake.  The communities surrounding the lake use this water as their only source for drinking and cooking, and as a result many will get sick and die from this routine. There are few options, and they cannot go without water.  The vision of Rev. Dennis and Lorna Meeker (founders of the school) is to break the cycle and to use this abundant water from the lake, but to treat it to drinking quality for the school and surrounding village. They applied for and received government approval to pump water from the lake, and have constructed a very intense engineered supply line to send this water up the hill to a tower adjacent to the school.  This water will be sand filtered at first to take out turbidity and help reduce some of the biological problems. The water will then be stored in tanks on the tower ready for gravity to supply direct water to community gardens and also to supply clean enough water to be processed by our treatment and disinfection system for use by the students and others.  In addition to the kiosk, there will be thirteen spigots for the girls and thirteen spigots for the boys (wash stations) to provide clean water on demand at the school…a blessed new resource for their health!  Dennis and Lorna have had this dream but dreams take money and commitment by others to help.  Canned Water 4 Kids stepped up and has made this wonderful project possible.  We at Stonehouse and all the others at Point of Grace cannot thank you enough for your support.  Your work is truly lifesaving!

I am attaching a few pictures of the project to date and we will keep you up to date as the project progresses.  We are again thankful for your additional commitment to a two year maintenance support of the project.  As we have discussed many times, we believe that a project like this requires continuing support for a minimum of two years so that technology transfer and community education can be accomplished which is the very foundation in creating a sustainable project such as this.


We are grateful for your support with the Point of Grace Academy and the continuing relationship we have established with you and Canned Water 4 kids.  We look forward to many more projects such as this.


Best Regards,


Hensley Foster, President

Stonehouse Water Technologies

Global Water Center, Suite 310

247 Freshwater Way

Milwaukee, WI 53204 Read More…

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Origins of CannedWater4kids

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CannedWater4kids @ Presidential Debate

CannedWater4kids proudly supplied water for members of the press at the second Presidential Debate at Washington University in St. Louis.


Check out this awesome story about Canned Water 4 kids at


Stromberg said, “I’m happy to say that we have put in wells in Africa, and we’re working on a project right now that has a new technology to clean water. We work with Engineers without Borders at UWM to go down to Guatemala to work on water projects.”

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Michael Lombardo Family Donates Well

Special thanks go out to the Michael Lombardo family for their donation to CannedWater4kids. Thanks to your generosity these children have access to safe clean drinking water.

To see how you can help, please go to

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Canned Water 4 kids in Flint Michigan

CannedWater4kids recently shipped two truckloads of canned water to Flint, Michigan to aid in their water crisis. We at CannedWater4kids believe every child in the world should have access to safe drinking water. Click HERE to donate to our efforts today or go to to find out how you can help.

Screen shot 2016-01-20 at 11.06.01 AM

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CannedWater4kids Aid to Flint, MI

Check out this story on which shows CannedWater4kids water being shipped to our neighbors in need of safe drinking water in Flint, MI.

“There is nothing more fundamental to our existence on this planet than water. It’s difficult to imagine what we’d do without it — because for us it’s so easily accessible.”-Scott Steele


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