Posted by: toobeeman | August 9, 2011

CannedWater4kids Supports the Mission of Doctors Without Borders

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Dear Friend,Please take a moment to look at the photos below. Today, even more Somali mothers will arrive at the refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia, carrying their sick, malnourished children. Because of overcrowding, many will remain on the outskirts of the camp waiting for access to food, water, and shelter.

Today, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) will provide lifesaving medical care to the men, women, and children suffering from the devastating effects of the ongoing crisis in the Horn of Africa.

Today, you can help. The support of donors like you enables our medical teams to respond to emergencies like this and makes sure we can be where our help is needed most.

We are saving lives in more than 60 countries around the world. Please donate today.

Our goal is simple: to help people survive the devastation of drought, war, and disease. Our presence and your support can mean the difference between life and death for our patients.

With your help, we will continue to care for those most in need – men, women, and children caught in crisis who are suffering from illness, injury, hunger, grief, and fear.

As always, thank you on behalf of our field staff and our patients around the world.


Sophie Delaunay, Executive Director

Sophie Delaunay
Executive Director

Somali refugees in Dabaab, Kenya.

Somali refugees who have fled drought and violence and come to an overcrowded refugee camp in Dadaab, Kenya, carry their sick and malnourished children to an MSF feeding center on the outskirts of one of the camps. There were around 10,000 people enrolled in MSF’s feeding program in Dadaab as of July 21.
Somali refugee building a shelter.
A refugee uses twigs and scraps of material to build a shelter for her family. There is no room for most new arrivals in the Dadaab camps, so the thousands of people who arrive every week must carve out a place for themselves in the surrounding desert. MSF estimates that by the end of 2011, there will be 500,000 people living in and around the camps, which were originally built to accommodate 90,000.
MSF doctor at the Dabaab refugee camp.
An MSF doctor examines the mother of a malnourished child in MSF’s therapeutic feeding center at the Dadaab refugee camp complex. MSF is currently treating more than 2,400 acutely malnourished children in its outpatient therapeutic feeding program, 130 who are at risk of death in its inpatient therapeutic feeding center, and 5,047 moderately malnourished in its supplementary feeding program.

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