Posted by: toobeeman | March 9, 2012

CannedWater4kids Could Be On Wal-Mart Shelves With Support From Fans and Friends

CannedWater4kids has the opportunity to be on shelves at Wal-Marts all around the world hence giving CW4k more opportunities for growth and expansion of the life saving programs that we support which save lives all over the world

The winners of the contest will be determined by public voting which began March 7. Instructions on how to vote via SMS (text message) and through Facebook will be posted on our product page starting tomorrow. (Also see the Voting Terms and Conditions on the site.) The first voting round will finish April 3, and the top 10 entries will proceed to Round 2.


“cannedwater4kids pure glacier spring water” is posted at Share this link all over the place. Anyone who goes to that page will see a code to be able to vote for your product by SMS (text message) and a button to be able to vote right there using a Facebook login.

Thanks for everyone’s support! Getting CannedWater4kids on Wal-Mart shelves would literally save lives all over the world while giving consumers a more environmentally responsible option when buying packaged water.


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