Posted by: toobeeman | March 22, 2012

CannedWater4Kids Joins UW-Milwaukee’s Engineers without Borders for the Premier Wisconsin Walk for Water

Three-mile Walk Supports UN World Water Day

MILWAUKEE (March 20, 2012) – CannedWater4Kids is joining the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s student chapter of Engineers without Borders in its first Wisconsin Walk for Water on Saturday, March 24. The three-mile walk, which begins on the county grounds outside the Linwood Water Treatment Plant, is timed to follow the March 22 global recognition of the United Nations World Water Day. The intent of the event is to raise awareness of steps area citizens can take to help bring safe water access to many more people around the world.

The United Nations started World Water Day in 1993 as a way to focus attention on the importance of fresh water and to support the sustainable management of freshwater services. Each year, World Water Day highlights a specific aspect of fresh water. This year, the day will be focused on water and food security – to encourage people to make healthier choices, consume less water-intensive products, and reduce water and food waste. Supporting this cause is important is important to bringing clean, safe water to people around the world.


I’ll be at the Walk carrying two cases of CannedWater4Kids water along with me for the three-mile hike,” said Greg Stromberg, founder and CEO of CannedWater4Kids. “People in other parts of the world walk three miles and more, carrying water that may not even be safe. Other members of our board and friends of our organization are joining in this walk because the goals are very much in keeping with our mission.”

A non-profit organization, CannedWater4Kids is focused on bringing clean, safe water to children worldwide through sustainable initiatives. Located near the shores of Lake Michigan, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is home to the Great Lakes Water Institute and an active chapter of Engineers without Borders that is focused on supporting international and local water projects.

CannedWater4Kids supports certified clean-water initiatives worldwide, raising funds and awareness through a variety of activities, including the sale of clean water, packaged in aluminum cans, and through participation in activities such as the Wisconsin Walk for Water.

CannedWater4Kids Funds Engineers without Borders Water Projects

Stromberg explained that CannedWater4Kids has been involved in fundraising for projects implemented by UW-Milwaukee’s Engineers without Borders group for the past three years. “We’ve raised more than $20,000, which has gone toward construction of a potable water distribution system supplying water to 70 households in the Guatemalan village of La Libertad,” he said.

Dr. Murali Vedula, program director for continuing education in engineering at UW-Milwaukee said, “Projects like these deliver the clean drinking water people in this country take for granted. Vedula said that, as part of awareness building, walk sponsors are encouraging participants in the

Wisconsin Walk for Water to consider bringing a bucket full of water with them. He noted that Tom Kroger, manager of Lakeshore State Park, where the walk ends, will be providing an informational tour for participants.



In addition to lending its support to the Wisconsin Walk for Water, CannedWater4Kids has received help this week in recognition of World Water Day from Novelis Inc., the world’s largest producer of rolled aluminum and the global leader in beverage can recycling, and Ball Corporation, the largest global producer of recyclable beverage cans.


To help CannedWater4Kids promote the importance of clean, safe water, through March 22, 2012, Novelis is donating $1 for every person who takes action through social media, including liking the CannedWater4Kids Facebook page, up to a total of $20,000.



About CannedWater4Kids
CannedWater4Kids is a 501c3 charity based in Sussex, Wis. The organization’s mission is to bring clean, safe water to the children of the world who are currently without. CW4K funds its initiatives with cash donations and sales of their premium spring water product. Of every dollar collected, 95 cents goes to support clean water programs. Recent efforts include sending water to Japan and Haiti to aid in their post-earthquake water shortage, assisting the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee’s Engineers Without Borders in bringing water purification solutions to the highlands of Guatemala, supporting of a well/water tank project in Zambia, Africa, and the Bio Sand Filters project in Tanzania. To learn more, visit





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