Posted by: toobeeman | December 28, 2012

Disaster Relief Extended Interview | CannedWater4Kids

Published on Dec 20, 2012

In this extended interview, Founder & CEO Greg Stromberg talks about CannedWater4Kids helping with disaster relief in Japan and fundraising for Engineers Without Borders.

Ways to Get Involved

We Want to Hear From You!

What’s New?

Our Purpose
CannedWater4Kids, a 501c3 non-profit charity is an organization focused on bringing clean, safe water to children worldwide. Ensuring access to safe, clean water worldwide is critical. Not only is it essential for successful agriculture, food and energy production, It is a children’s issue because water is vital for healthy development and survival.

Who We Support
Our plan is to support certified clean water initiatives world-wide. Whether supporting the digging of wells, water filtration programs, or clean water education, our donations will go to where we think it will do the most good. Bottom line? All money collected by CannedWater4Kids will go towards helping to bring clean, safe water to children everywhere.


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