Posted by: toobeeman | September 9, 2014

The University of Tulsa welcomes back students with CW4K new 16OZ Aluminum bottled water

New! 16oz aluminum bottled glacier water

New! 16oz aluminum bottled glacier water

The University of Tulsa Sustainability Committee was looking for a way to welcome students back on campus in a sustainable, thoughtful manner. We paired up with CannedWater Kids, and purchased aluminum bottled water to pass out to residents as they moved to campus in the summer heat!

CannedWater4Kids, a 501c3 nonprofit charity is an organization focused on bringing clean, safe water to children worldwide. Ensuring access to safe, clean water is critical. Not only is it essential for successful agriculture, food and energy production, it is a children’s issue because water is vital for healthy development and survival. CannedWater4Kids does this by tapping into the global can industry. Clean water, packaged in aluminum cans, has become their symbol and billboard for spreading the word while developing strong grassroots awareness and participation.  CannedWater4Kids helps to dig wells, supply water storage containers, buy purification equipment and more for communities around the world who do not have basic access to clean drinking water.

Did you know that each of us in America uses about 80 gallons of water daily? That’s enough to sustain 16 African families for a day. In our homes, we go into the kitchen, turn on the faucet and drink clean, refreshing water – instantly. In contrast, a mother in Zimbabwe might have to travel miles in search of clean, drinkable water to save her baby. Americans are blessed with easy access to clean water, but that’s not the case worldwide.

Using aluminum cans is the most sustainable way to package individual containers of liquid. Americans recycled approximately 56 billion aluminum cans last year, increasing the recycling rate to 58 percent and saving the energy equivalent of 17 million barrels of crude oil, or nearly two days of all U.S. oil imports. Consumers recognize the value of infinitely recyclable aluminum cans – recycling is one of the easiest ways consumers can help reduce their environmental footprint. Consider:

  • Cans have the highest recycling rate of any beverage container in the U.S., far higher than glass and plastic.


  • The average aluminum can is made from 68 percent total recycled content, the highest of any beverage container.


  • Cans provide long shelf life by protecting products inside from light, oxygen and other factors, which can affect taste and even product safety.


  • Cans don’t shatter and are among the lightest beverage packages to transport, reducing their environmental footprint.


  • Cans go from the recycling bin to store shelves within 60 days.


  • Making cans from recycled metal takes 95 percent less energy and 95 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than using new metal.


  • The aluminum can is the only package that more than covers its recycling costs, helping to finance the collection and recycling of other materials such as glass and plastic.

Recent life cycle analyses of the aluminum beverage can in the U.S. and in Europe confirms the can is more sustainable than ever as a

University of Tulsa Mascot

University of Tulsa Mascot, Goldie supports CW4K! and loves our water.


consumer-friendly packaging material for beverages. The largest beverage can maker in the world, Ball Corporation continues to work with our partners throughout the supply chain to drive the recycling rate higher, ensuring the aluminum can remains the sustainable package of choice.

The mission of the University of Tulsa Sustainability Committee is to promote a culture of sustainability on the TU campus – to advance policies and participate in projects that lead to a more sustainable future.

For more information about the TU Sustainability Committee and our efforts, visit our website at, or at

For more information on CannedWater4Kids, visit

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